Crazy, Hulking White Man Attacks Defenseless Filipino-American Woman Outside DNC

That headline sounds like something that would happen at the Republican Convention, right? But no… apparently there are psychotic, abusive white men lurking around the DNC as well. In this case it is Alex Jones, Texas conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, who went a little bit insane earlier this week at a protest at the Denver Mint near the Democratic National Convention. He encountered neo-con nemesis Michelle Malkin, newspaper columnist and political commentator, and proceeded to verbally assault her with help from a crowd of rabble-rousing cronies. Unfortunately for Jones (or maybe fortunately), the whole thing was captured on video:

Among the names he called her: “Dirty anti-American!,” “Fascist piece of trash!,” and “disgusting wicked new world order trash!” (nicely worded insult, I must admit). Others in the crowd disturbingly chanted “Kill Michelle Malkin!” while Jones insisted that “you’ll be known as an Adolf Eichmann!”

It’s an entertaining bit of protest theater, and fun to watch in a nostalgic, “this is almost like Chicago ’68” sorta way.  It’s also interesting to see how many cameras and journalists are swarming around Jones and Malkin. It’s all so very performative.

Malkin is no saint, certainly, and she’s only a few steps below Ann Coulter on the crazy conservative scale. But at least she’s relatively tactful and not spewing horribly offensive verbal missives at her opponents.  In any case, it’s fun to see at least something interesting going on at this convention… even if it is ultimately an insignificant scuffle between extremists.

2 responses to “Crazy, Hulking White Man Attacks Defenseless Filipino-American Woman Outside DNC

  1. They’re both insane, but Malkin comes off looking a lot better than Jones, at least in this video. Which is actually hard to believe.

  2. “Do you think you’re gonna get your message across by shouting?” “Absolutely! This woman’s a monster!”

    I was thinking, “He sounds like someone on a preachin’ high!”

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