Hipster Christianity

Hipster Christianity: When Church and Cool Collide is a journalistic, in-depth exploration of the phenomenon of “cool Christianity” in the 21st century. More than just a surface description of an interesting new trend in Christianity, the book goes deep into the questions of what it means to be cool and what it means to be Christian. Are these competing aims? Why is the church today so preoccupied with being cool, fashionable, trendy, and relevant? Where does this phenomenon fit in to the larger narrative of “hip” and “Christian cool”? By exploring these questions through the lenses of their various contexts (politics, fashion, art, technology, etc) and theological/philosophical associations (postmodernism, emerging church, missional, etc), this book attempts to provide a thorough examination and nuanced critique of an increasingly prevalent but under-studied incarnation of contemporary Christianity: the Christian hipster.

Check out www.hipsterchristianity.com for more information, to explore a few common types of “Christian hipster,” or to determine whether or not you are one.

16 responses to “Hipster Christianity

  1. its called a Chripster

  2. KUDOS!
    You’ve nailed it.


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  5. Am I less worthy to the Church or Our Lord if I was not and wore no make up or don’t look like an average Joe-?!?

    Come as you are: Dirty, Stinky, Drug Addict, Whore or Tattooed.
    I don’t pass judgment on Lords people until I speak to them-
    I see the good in peoples hearts such as Hardcore Gang Members at Church and when I speak to them I can sense their renewed Kind Hearts to Lords and Love.

    Everyone has their own personal walk with Christ and that’s all that maters-
    This title sounds judgmental-Not Cool Christian.
    Judge your own lives-

  6. thank you Claudia :)

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  8. Hey Brett, I drew on your book for this paper on the Sociology of Catalyst. Check it out: http://bit.ly/gjqIbV

  9. Just check out ANYTHING by LifeWay Christian – mostly their TEEN series of books and media, magazines, etc. WOOHOO!

  10. I really appreciated this book – it makes sense of a lot of feelings and concerns I’ve had about hipster Christian attitudes since college. I wrote a review on my blog: http://burgeonsescape.blogspot.com/2011/07/review-hipster-christianity.html. Thanks for writing this!

  11. So just some questions, what is wrong with a church being current or relevant? Is it that you feel it’s losing its substance? Does it lack authenticity? Why does it have to be one or the other? Why would it be considered as just trendy for a church to write its on music? Could it not be out of the overflow of what God is doing in the particular congregation? Why is it that Christians are so critical? (Is it because its not cool to be judgmental so its been replaced by being critical?) What are we trying to achieve? A church that looks the same, as the next are we held together by style or by what we believe and who we believe in? Does it matter as long as what we build doesn’t contradict the word of God? The new seem to take a stab at the old and traditional and the traditional seem to take a stab at the new Hipster so to speak. Would any of it inspire some one far from God to seek him? I’m glad there are still more traditional churches around for those who feel like that is how they relate to Jesus best and I’m also glad that church is moving with the times, that the method is changing as well. As long as the message never does and churches stay true to the word of God and his character I don’t see the issue. ? Maybe I’m just not as spiritual as the critics. I would love for someone to shed some light on this. #frustrated

  12. Claudia, your post is most confusing.

    The book was excellent. I am currently using it to write a paper intended to explain the current rise of New Calvinism within the United States. Phenomenal work Mr. McCracken, your witty humor and sound writing style was most appreciated by this Nyack college student that lives in the Hipsterdom you described so well.

    Looking forward to more of your work


    Bobby C

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  14. why the focus on being cool?

  15. I just don’t understand the preoccupation with being a cool or hip Christian? I see absolutely no value in being cool… I do see value in being occupied with Godly things instead of things of this world…

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