Biola’s Advent Project

I love Advent. It’s a topic I frequently write about on this blog, and it’s a season I always enjoy. It’s the season of the year that embraces joy, lament, tension and mystery in exactly the right measure. Now if only it also weren’t the busiest season of the year!

This year I have been proud to be a part of the Biola Advent Project, which is a like a traditional Advent calendar for the digital age, with an artsy twist. Each day throughout Advent the website will unveil a new devotional, consisting of written reflection, visual art and musical selections. Each day features a different contributor’s reflection (I wrote one for Dec. 30) as well as a different artist’s Advent-themed art and a different musician’s song. The whole thing is (I think) a brilliant  application of technology to the Christian calendar.

Check it out at and share it with anyone who you think would enjoy this invitation to reflect on the beauty and mystery of this season.

3 responses to “Biola’s Advent Project

  1. Glad you’re part of this Brett! We’re using the introduction video to set up a series on Advent at my church this weekend. I love the concept. Love that the pieces are short but substantial and multi-faceted. Well done. Hope you had a great birthday.

  2. Absolutely LOVE this! Thank you Brett. I adore the advent time and the season of the 4 Sundays has always been a part of my families traditions :-) :-)

    Blessed be the Coming of our King! Arianna

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  3. Dear Brett, I would like to send you a recent piece I wrote. The title alone should tell you we share the same concerns: “i-Dolatry.” Please send me a more direct email address and I’ll send it.

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