2011 in 12 Tweets

Because Twitter increasingly seems to be the medium through which the “now” moments of life are expressed (albeit not remembered or archived for posterity), I thought I’d attempt to summarize the highlights from my year in 12 tweet-style updates  (one for each month) of 140 characters or less.

January: Began ’11 in Kansas. mom’s health crisis. Kansas Jayhawk basketball. Published article for Princeton Theological Review: http://bit.ly/hvrYW5

February: Valentine’s Day w/@glutenfreebird. Spoke at Risen Church. Helped launch blog for @talbotnews faculty:  http://thegoodbookblog.com/

March: Trip to NYC for @IntlArtsMvmnt conf, met best friend’s fiance. Spoke in chapel @biolau. Tsunami. Blogging break 4 Lent: http://bit.ly/eUhvxC

April: Returned to @WheatonCollege to lecture; also spoke @CalvinCollege, enjoyed @TheCivilWars. Sealed deal on book #2. Explosions: http://bit.ly/mSzWaL

May: The Tree of Life. @LACMA retrospective. Opening night Arclight party & afterparty. Malick month on the blog: http://bit.ly/kofCuk

June: Wknd trip to KC. Will’s wedding in Pasadena, Ryan’s wedding in Cleveland. Best man duties. #FridayNightLights ends. http://bit.ly/lelcQ3

July: Work trip to Boston w/@albertbrios. Trip to Europe (Geneva, Swiss L’Abri, Oxford, Cambridge). Reflections on Christian divisions:  http://bit.ly/p3f0iI

August: Long wkd in Altea, Spain. Swam in Mediterranean, wine-tasted in the countryside. Writing retreat: 1st ch. of book completed! 10 yrs since fresh in college: http://bit.ly/pRRbpV

September: Speaking engagements at Malone University (Ohio). Ten years since 9/11: http://bit.ly/qF9qH8

October: Speaking engagement at Covenant College (Georgia). Tree of Life comes to DVD/Blu-Ray. Occupy Wall Street: http://bit.ly/nKxybH

November: Moved into new apt. Couch-to-5k running regime. Thanksgiving in Kansas City. Presidential candidate wishlist: http://bit.ly/tzrMt8

December: 29th bday, celebrated in SD. Technivorm Moccamaster  revolutionizes my at home coffee-making ; ended ’11 in Kansas. Tebow: http://bit.ly/uhX5Hz

Happy New Year to all of my wonderful friends and blog readers!

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