My Ultimate Christian Hipster Playlist

At the official Hipster Christianity book release party last Friday night in L.A., I wanted to set the ambiance by playing music that represented a thorough (though not comprehensive) selection of the best counter-cultural, indie, rebellious, and quirky Christian music of the past 50 years. Special thanks to my friends Zach Malm and Jason Newell for providing me with many of these tunes. Here’s the playlist in full and in more-or-less chronological order, from the 60s to contemporary.

  • Agape, “Rejoice”
  • All Saved Freak Band, “Sower”
  • Chuck Girard, “Anthem”
  • Larry Norman, “Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus?”
  • Bob Dylan, “I Believe in You”
  • Crusaders, “God Lives”
  • Earthen Vessel, “Get High”
  • Love Song, “Welcome Back”
  • Malcolm and Alwyn, “Say It Like It Is”
  • Omni, “All For the One”
  • Parchment, “Green Psalm”
  • Springs of Joy, “Springs of Joy”
  • Dwayne Omarr, “Devastating Revelation”
  • The 77s, “The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes And The Pride Of Life”
  • Amy Grant, “Love Will Find a Way”
  • DC Talk, “That Kinda Girl”
  • Collective Soul, “Shine”
  • Over the Rhine, “And Can It Be”
  • Danielson, “Be Your Wildman”
  • Starflyer 59, “Do You Ever Feel That Way?”
  • Sunny Day Real Estate, “5/4”
  • Pedro the Lion, “When They Really Get to Know You They’ll Run”
  • Poor Old Lu, “Digging Deep”
  • The Prayer Chain, “Bendy Line”
  • Sixpence None the Richer, “Within a Room Somewhere”
  • Plankeye, “Someday”
  • Bon Voyage, “West Coast Friendship”
  • Viva Voce, “Heartstrings”
  • Dear Ephesus, “Simpleton Walks”
  • Switchfoot, “Sooner Or Later”
  • MxPx, “Doing Time”
  • DC Talk, “Jesus Freak”
  • Sixpence None the Richer, “Kiss Me”
  • Danielson Famile, “A No-No”
  • Pedro the Lion, “Big Trucks”
  • Jars of Clay, “Flood”
  • Over the Rhine, “Lucy”
  • Starflyer 59, “Fell in Love at 22”
  • Vigilantes of Love, “Resplendent”
  • Sufjan Stevens, “The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us!”
  • Half-handed Cloud, “Praise Awaits You”
  • Over the Rhine, “The World Can Wait”
  • Harrod and Funck, “Brian Wilson’s Room”
  • Jars of Clay, “Fade to Grey”
  • Sleeping at Last, “Slowly Now”
  • Danielson, “Did I Step On Your Trumpet?”
  • Derek Webb, “Wedding Dress”
  • Don Peris, “Your Friend”
  • Waterdeep, “Good Good End”
  • Innocence Mission, “Brotherhood of Man”
  • Rosie Thomas, “I Play Music”
  • Denison Witmer, “Ringing of the Bell Tower”
  • Sufjan Stevens, “Amazing Grace”

19 responses to “My Ultimate Christian Hipster Playlist

  1. Oooh, some of my very favorites, and a few that I shall have to check out. Thanks! (By the way, I just recently found your blog, and am very much enjoying reading…)

  2. Time for me to start downloading!

  3. Funny how you nailed some of my favorites that I wouldn’t think others would know of
    – Did You Ever Feel That Way?
    – Simpleton Walks (!)
    – 5/4
    – Bendy Line

    Wow, great job. And nice musical tastes!

  4. haha great list! I was surprised not to see any underOath.

  5. Much of the early songs can be found on a mix I put together here:

  6. As a kid, I was really into Philip Bailey’s (lead singer of Earth, Wind, and Fire) Christian album, Triumph. I still think it’s great.

  7. Wish I could attend the release party! By the way, my review of your book will appear in the August/September issue of the Christian Research Journal. My editor moved up the publication date. ;)

  8. no jennifer knapp?

  9. I haven’t heard of some of these. I’ll have to check them out.

  10. mumford and sons? iron & wine?

  11. nice to see the 77s make the list! Did you pull the version from 88? or the studio recording?

  12. Whatever happened to Viva Voce. I can’t find their music anywhere online! It is extremely disconcerting–like they never existed at all. Thank you for verifying I didn’t make them up.

  13. All The Christian Hipsters where I come from listen to stuff like this:
    Edison Glass- “Forever”
    UnderOath- “A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White”
    House of Heroes- “Serial Sleepers”
    The Wedding- “Bethlejam”
    Abandon Kansas- “I Wonder if It’s Me?”
    And anything by The Glorious Unseen or The Ember Days. Of course, where I come from, Christian Hipsters are sort of emo.

  14. Heck yes to Parchment. I thought I was the only one that listened to them.

    Where’s the Michael W. Smith? I playlist isn’t hipster until it has a solid dose of irony.

  15. One of my favourites right now is the Danish band “Hymns from Nineveh”. You should definitely check it out!

  16. Hey where’s Gungor, David Crowder, and Sons and Daughter? There awesome!

  17. Put this together on Spotify. Thanks for the list and recommendations all.

  18. Brave Saint Saturn!
    or MXPX

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