Book Updates

A lot of exciting stuff has been happening on the book front this week, so I thought I’d note it all in one place, for those of you who may not have known about these things yet.

1) WEBSITE: It went live on Sunday, and has been a big success so far. If you haven’t explored it yet (particularly the quiz, and the “Anatomy of a Christian Hipster” section, which I toiled MANY hours to create), you should take a few minutes to do so now. Launching the website is a huge relief and I’m very proud of it. I’ve been working on it, with designer Tim Dikun and photographer Laurel Dailey, for about three months. So please enjoy it! And pass it on to any and all others who might be amused/provoked by it.

2) FACEBOOK GROUP: This also launched on Sunday, and so I urge you to “like” (the action formerly known as “become a fan of”) this page, which will be a more interactive venue for the book’s fans, readers, and yours truly. There will be book giveaways, caption contests, and other such Facebook-friendly things in the coming months on this page.

3) INTERVIEW: I did an interview with author Rachel Held Evans about the book, and she posted it on her blog this week (most graciously!) to help publicize the launch of the website. Check out the interview if you want a good, concise summary of what I am trying to do with the book.

4 responses to “Book Updates

  1. It matches the hipster aesthetic well, and reminds me a bit of Lisa Birnbaum’s seminal “The Preppy Handbook”.

    I didn’t like the quiz, though; I felt there needed to be more “none of the above” options.

  2. brett-
    After an attempted plea on behalf of the greatest hipster city Portland, Oregon, I am disappointed that it did not make your top ten list. Good luck with the book, I think oregonians will boycott.
    ellen :)

  3. 84/120. What do I win?

    Can a 50-something be a hipster?

  4. I really like the quiz (76/120 for me). I also liked the anatomy of a hipster page. Definitely elements of my wife, my sister and me on there.

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