Songs for Fall 2009

Because “Autumn” in L.A. is negligible at best, I have to live my seasons vicariously through media. I tend to make music playlists, for example, to play in my car or iPod whenever I want to feel like I’m living in some crisp, fall-like place. I do this for other seasons as well. It works fairly well, I think.

Anyway, the following is my “Autumn 2009″ playlist. Buy these songs!

“Kettering” – The Antlers: If you haven’t heard The Antlers CD, Hospice, I highly recommend it. Gloriously mournful and utterly moving.

“Inside It All Feels the Same” – Explosions in the Sky: Explosions in the Sky makes music that I will always associate with fall, maybe because I’ll always associate them with Friday Night Lights.

“Someone Else’s Life” – Joshua Radin: Achingly romantic song that brings to mind autumn in New York (mostly because of its use in the movie Adam)

“Guilty Cubicles” – Broken Social Scene: Aptly used in the film Half Nelson, this song has one of the most curiously appropriate titles ever.

“Pulling Our Weight” – The Radio Dept: A fall mix would not be complete without some neo-shoegazer lamentation from The Radio Dept!

“Don’t Bother They’re Here” – Stars of the Lid: Minimalist instrumental to pop on the headphones when on a bus driving through the Cascade Mountains on a rainy November day (as I did last year).

“Ohio” – Damien Jurado: Harmonica, acoustic guitar, and Damien Jurado singing about going home. What more could you ask?

“4 Minute Warning” – Radiohead: The best song off of In Rainbows Disc 2. Cryptic, sullen, worn out in all the best ways.

“Constants Are Changing” – Boards of Canada: The title says it all.

“Diamond Heart” – Marissa Nadler: This thoroughly seasonal song is about missing your love through the fall and winter… and scattering a loved one’s ashes in the snow.

“Mexican Blue” – Jolie Holland: Epic, simple love song that gets better and better with every year. Highly suggest checking it out.

“We’re Gonna Pull Through” – Over the Rhine: A song of hope in a season of dark nights and cold days.

“Monoplain” – Susan Enan: A beautiful, quiet, heartbreaking gem from an under-appreciated Irish singer/songwriter.

“Guaranteed” – Eddie Vedder: One of many great songs from Vedder’s spectacular Into the Wild soundtrack.

“The Golden Day is Dying” – Hem: Nearly acapella and full of gorgeous harmonies, this song from Hem is exactly as the title would imply.

“Curse Your Branches” – David Bazan: It’s a song about red, orange, and yellow leaves. Well, not exactly. But it’s still pretty autumnal.

“Happiness” – Riceboy Sleeps: Excellent post-rock minimalism from the Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi.

“Gentle Moon” – Sun Kil Moon: Beautiful song from the classic Sun Kil Moon album Ghosts of the Great Highway, a quintessential coldweather album.

“Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.)” – Monsters of Folk: The first and best track on the collaboration album from Conor Oberst, Matt Ward, Jim James and Mike Mogis.

“Search for Delicious” – Panda Bear: My new favorite Panda Bear song. It is so understated and yet so expressive–in a cold, urban sort of way.

14 responses to “Songs for Fall 2009

  1. Good list Brett, as usual.

    Here are a few of the songs I love for fall:

    – “Post War” by M. Ward
    – “In the Devil’s Territory” by Sufjan Stevens
    – “All Along the Watchtower” by Bob Dylan
    – “Firefly” by Over the Rhine
    – “The Only Moment We Were Alone” by Explosions in the Sky (who I also associate with FNL).
    – “Death of a Maiden” by Joe Purdy
    – “Yellowed by the Sun” by The Low Anthem
    – “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel
    – “Wooden Arms” by Patrick Watson”
    – “Long Way Home” by Tom Waits

    Also, love the songs you chose by Bazan and Holland.

  2. apparently fall is the season to listen to music by white people!

  3. The implications of a statement like that are absurd.

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  5. I’m pretty sure it’s fall when I begin to listen to the Les Miserables soundtrack on repeat – Complete Symphonic International Cast Recording. Yes, the version matters. :) And Sixpence’s “brown album,” the self-titled one.

    “Firefly”: good call!

  6. J Dilla – Waves

    on repeat.

  7. racial consciousness is absurd? srsly?

    • Yeah you’re going to get told that we should be ‘beyond all that’ by now, postracial society, yadda yadda. Ooh, maybe you’ll get a ‘You’re the REAL racist’ merit badge, too.

  8. K and Tim Coe,

    Your comment implied that Brett is a racist because there was primarily white males on this list. Whether you meant it that way or not the comment implied it.

    And that is what is ridiculous. Certainly racial consciousness isn’t absurd. But to make such an implication based on such a small sample size is absurd.

    • I don’t think anyone called anyone else a racist, and I don’t think the only options for considering the implications of someone’s preferred cultural milieu are ‘Is he a racist yes/no’.

  9. Tim,

    No one said anything about being in a post-racist society, and I certainly never said anything about REAL racists. The logic of his implication was simply faulty. It had nothing to do with determining who the REAL racists are.

  10. Personally, nothing screams “fall” to me like lighting pumpkin spice candles, donning a sweater, sipping a glass of hot cider and watching the leaves fall to the sounds of Raekwon.

  11. Tim is correct. i haven’t called anyone a racist, and I am not interested in playing the games of ‘Is he a racist yes/no’.

    I think it has to be okay to raise questions about cultural appetites and race. It needs to be talkaboutable, to use David Dark’s phrase.

  12. So glad to find someone who appreciates Susan Enan, Explosions in the Sky, and Stars of the Lid!

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