Is “Missional” the new “Emerging”?

The late ’90s had “postmodern.” The first part of the 21st century introduced us to “emerging.” But over the last few years, there has been no bigger buzzword in Christianity than “missional.” It’s a word that has exploded into the popular vernacular of preachers, theologians and seminary professors. It has graced the covers of almost every major Christian publication. It has spawned books, seminars, conferences and endless blog debates. A growing number of congregations now describe themselves as “missional churches.” And proponents of the idea believe you and your church would do well to do the same. But what does it mean?

To read the rest of this article, which I wrote for Biola Magazine’s new issue, click here

And for my exclusive interview with missional expert Ed Stetzer, click here

3 responses to “Is “Missional” the new “Emerging”?

  1. read ur article. awesome introduction to missional … ur right though, the church is definitely grappling with the dichotomy of soul and social gospel.

  2. Thanks, Brett…half of my conversations with my fellow Fullerites will now start to make twice as much sense.

  3. wow. this one has REALLY got me thinking. especially after reading Dan Kimball’s article. I currently attend a “missional” church and I thought myself to be pretty set in my views and well-informed on this topic, but I now see otherwise. I don’t know that we’ll ever get to the “right” way or answer on this one, but kimball raised some REALLY good points. Although my church is growing and just planted another church, it seems that the growth is primarily from Christians who’ve joined the church since moving to the city for school or work, rather than new people coming learning who Jesus is and becoming discipled and new members of the universal Christian community.

    thanks for writing this post.

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