Apocalypse Watch: Iceland Nearly Bankrupt

They’ve produced some truly exquisite music (Sigur Ros, Bjork) and offered us one of the great villains of modern cinema (team Iceland in Mighty Ducks 2), but now, sadly, they are on the verge of bankruptcy.

That’s right, the country of Iceland has all but gone bankrupt.

Evidently while its residents have busied themselves making mind-blowingly whimsical music videos, the government and banking industry in Iceland were recklessly setting the country up for economic collapse.

Maybe now that their currency has lost 50% of its value, I should take my long sought trip to Reykjavik. But then again… what would be open when I got there?

Just a sign of the times, I guess. Like this… and this.

4 responses to “Apocalypse Watch: Iceland Nearly Bankrupt

  1. I guess you can’t base an economy solely on desolate scenery, great music, and lots of knit-wool apparel after all.

  2. That’s sad! Sigur Ros totally rocks though.

  3. you know, bankrupsy is a funny thing.

    As far as we´re concerned, we aint frigging bankrupt (or defaulted) or whatever fancy costume you wanna paint on it.

    We owe some money´s, yes.

    We own some FRIGGIN huge amounts of moneys, yes.

    We cant turn our assets into money right this moment….. sadly yes.

    As a result PM Gordon Brown has declared the STATE OF ICELAND (for what a couple of banks started) BANKRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    btw, the state of Iceland has spent the last 33 years paying off it´s foreign depts… Leading to a Foreign Dept FREE country, as of early 2007.

    The comments of PM Brown, and his head Honcho, Mr. Darling is going to bite his hind quarters (Like a Snow Leopard want´s to), as the Icelandic Government WILL sue his (and his governments…. oye, aint the the people???)´s ass off, simply for fucking our tiny girly like community up.

    Will I regret any of it? No I wont.

    We´ll have a Communist party to take over,
    Or We´ll become a member of the Royal Norwegian Crown, or we´ll become a member of the British Commonwealth (That´ll be OVER MY DEAD BODY), or we´ll become anarchists which will poison our waters, disrupt our Geo-thermic supplys and neuter Gordon Brown!!

    Which-ever couse is selected, thanks to the poison-giver Gordon Brown and his lackey, Alistair Darling, I just pray for being given a quick deliverence, before our new (hopefully) masters, Norway, give them a PROPER national bankruptsy, for their sins.

    For all´ya brits reading this… I do NOT hate you. Just your government… Mind´ya, I hate mine to :(

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