I Joined Facebook… Sigh.

September 19 was a dark day for me… but one that I feared would come soon enough.

I joined Facebook.

This is after years and years of publicly campaigning against it in articles such as this and this… oh and this one as recently as January where I talked about “the irrevocable damage Facebook and its various counterparts have done to meaningful communication.”

And now I am a part of the monster, feeding it like everyone else…

Laughable, I know. It will take a while for me to recover from this swift idealistic collapse. Now I know what Obama must feel like after talking so much about not running a negative campaign and then being forced to do it anyway.

Not that I was forced to do it, but believe me when I say that I had to join Facebook. Any professional journalist really cannot function without it these days, and my job at Biola magazine (especially some articles I’m writing now) necessitated some serious usage of Facebook.

I sickens me when technology wins, when I can no longer survive without it. This is like the cell phone: so many people held out and refused to get them five years ago, but now we’d all die without them. These are moments when Neil Postman’s Technopoly seems more prescient than ever.

I joined Facebook with the hope that I could “hide” and only use it secretly for work purposes. Ha. That lasted about 30 minutes earlier today, quickly devolving into just another Facebook startup: “friends,” friend-requests, profile-making, etc. I’ve really fallen fast, giving myself over to my sworn enemy with crude ease and jolting swiftness. At this rate of ideological turnaround I will be Facebook’s biggest champion by this time next week. Heaven forbid.

31 responses to “I Joined Facebook… Sigh.

  1. I so sympathize. I joined two weeks ago, after resisting — on principle — for over a year. I, too, felt the swift fall of the hammer quite quickly once I joined. Suddenly I was in this in a big way. Dang. Now I’ve decided me and Facebook can be friends. Double dang. Never thought it would come to this. Good luck!

  2. welcome to the real world!

  3. did you hold out and not want to get a mobile phone for ages too?

    it’s not so bad…

  4. So how long before you’re Twittering?

  5. I’m curious: why were you so very against Facebook, yet are an avid blogger?

  6. Oh Twitter… I will NEVER fall victim to that beast. And Joel: I somehow felt like there was a big difference between blogging and Facebook… maybe the former being somehow less personal and public than the latter. I think I feared the “pandora’s box” publicness of Facebook… I dunno. My world is turned upside down now and I’m questioning everything…:)

  7. I too caved to FB. Just the fact that I even use the acronym for Facebook, proves my point. I feel sickened by it, yet I am drawn to it. Even the friend-request process is pathetic. You feel coerced to approve the requests more because they’re people you know and not really because they’re people you care about. Still, it is a great medium to communicate. So don’t feel torn and corrupted. It’s just the nature of the beast. Resistence is truly futile. Kudos to you that at least you’re not on MySpace. That would be whack.

  8. marionettegraphics

    well is you joined facebook because of work purposes I guess you’re forgiven!

  9. great meeting you today…

    now I know why you had the “huh” comment after I told you my chapter was on doing youth ministry effectively in the Facebook/MySpace Generation.

    You will become a believer.

    And Twitter is the best by the way…my favorite tool…better than blogging and Facebook.

  10. I’m still not signing-up. I’ll pick up your share of the baton. You will be missed in the fight, brother.

    It’s a good thing your movie reviews are so good. Now that we don’t have FB disdain in common, it’s good that I still have a reason to subscribe to The Search.

  11. i don’t know brett- i like to think of it as a case study in the emerging global village. i’m surprised that you’re so reticent given your interest in the conflated avatar/physical identity. i would have thought that you’d enjoy the opportunity to observe it firsthand.

    i recently stumbled upon this video featuring
    an anthropological examination of youtube. i think you’d appreciate it.

  12. Your blog caught my attention because I too fell prey to the facebook yesterday. Dark day is right. Double sigh.

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  14. I got bored of Facebook. Anyway, Arsebook is a much better social networking service.

  15. i still prefer myspace, yeah outdated and old! maybe I am outdated and old who knows :P but technology always wins after all (whether facebook or myspace!)

  16. Just so long as you never join… bebo.

  17. Try Second Life — you’ll never move out of your PC chair or have a face-to-face conversation with a flesh-and-blood human being ever again! Sorry, gtg, need to go and ignore my ex-wife’s screams while changing my intravenous feed…

  18. I did as well, on your same day and I don’t have a clue what is that for.
    Someone posted a link to liveon35mm.com there and I wanted to see it.

    I’ll probably get used, I’ll more probably sign out soon.

  19. What strikes me is the amount of time spent endorsing people online every day with a frequency we never would with offline friends…

  20. I got pretty bored of it, too. My mother likes it a lot, though, so she can keep up with relatives she doesn’t see very often and share photos with them. I’ve never been one to really keep in touch with friends, and no amount of netw0rking help such as this can change that!

  21. I don’t really use it a great deal anymore, but everyone I know does so I’m kind stuck checking it.

    Check it out here….

  22. I joined Facebook this year as well, after putting it off. To be honest, it feels a little artificial to me. I’m the sort of person that can get by with pretty minimal human contact for quite some time and not feel lonely at all – or maybe I would even enjoy the opportunity to feel lonely every once in a while. But still, I do think there’s value in it, so I’m sticking with it (and enjoying it). But I wouldn’t consider myself hardcore…yet.

  23. I joined a fanatsy sports league today. I held out for so dang long…. (not joking).

  24. Brett, Caroline broke the bad news to me tonight. Sad to see another one fall prey.

  25. You know, I really don’t mind Facebook as long as I can ignore invitations to add ridiculous, time-wasting apps (sticking to Facebook on my iPhone helps). In the past few weeks, I’ve reconnected with more than a dozen high school friends I hadn’t talked to in years. So in that regard, being on Facebook is really nice.

    Now, if we can just get you on Twitter…

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  27. like making new friends
    am single

  28. i:m new here

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