Top Ten Most Stereotypically CCM Band Names

I’ve been reminiscing/laughing about my CCM youth a lot recently, sort of longing for a return to a musical world where we knew Christian bands from secular. Things are so fuzzy nowadays (are they or aren’t they Christian?), and it seems that many CCM bands are trying a little too hard to be subtle about it. Be out with it, I say!

In honor of the brave pioneers of CCM who unabashedly flaunted their Christianity from head to tow… here is a list of bands that screamed “we’re evangelical Christians” just by their very names:

10) Something Like Silas – though they now go by the name Future of Forestry (a much more oblique, “could be anything” name, these San Diego rockers were once proud of their biblical-ish name. 

9) Petra – With a name like Petra, you know these guys rock (in a Christian sort of way).

8) Plus One – The first (and last?) Christian boy band had the perfect name. The “+1” refers to Jesus, of course!

7) Seventh Day Slumber – Cooler than average for a strikingly CCM band name; A clever way to pay homage to the Sabbath day (and/or the Genesis creation account).

6) Living Sacrifice – Straight out of Romans 12, baby!

5) The Sonflowerz – A relatively new CCM band, with a name any CCMer would die for. Changing Sun to Son is always a good idea; and changing “s” to “z” only adds to their pizzazz.

4) Point of Grace – One of the superstars of CCM also has an uber CCM name. And it fits them so well!

3) ApologetiX – Okay, so this parody band is tongue-in-cheek from the get go. But they still win points for an awesome CCM name!

2) Selah – It’s appropriately esoteric and mystifying for non-Christians (sounds vaguely celtic), yet it screams CCM for anyone who has read much of Psalms.

1) X-Sinner – Props to this vintage 80s Christian metal band (“the Christian AC/DC”) for the best CCM name! And they have a new album coming out soon: World Covered in Blood!

BONUS List: Ten CCM bands with a number in their name

What is up with CCM’s obsession with numerology?

Project 86
Starflyer 59
Flatfoot 56
Building 429
Tree 63
Jump 5
Five Iron Frenzy
Seventh Star
33 Miles

12 responses to “Top Ten Most Stereotypically CCM Band Names

  1. These are just the ones I found by going though my own library, with most of them being on 7Ball albums and Tooth and Nail samplers. It’s like they were choosing screen names instead of band names!

    3rd Root
    Calibretto 13
    Flight 180
    Element 101
    Seven Day Jesus
    Seven Places
    Squad 5-0
    Thousand Foot Krutch
    Third Day
    Two Thirty Eight
    Sixpence None the Richer
    Velour 100

  2. I’m surprised Third Day doesn’t make this list. I guess there are probably a handful of others that could easily qualify, so it’s hard to argue.

  3. I like referring to Point of Grace as P.O.G. to people. Makes them think they’re some sort of hip-hop group. Which they most certainly are not.

  4. Hey, thanks for your comment on our name. Google alert let me know it was here. It was definately cool to see you list… I agree that Thrid Day should make #11.
    The Sonflowerz have been around for almost ten years now, but not very well know for 9 of those years! The name was cool to us back in 1999, and I’m thrilled it’s cool to you :) It was a name we couldn’t give up because of how much it relates to our life in following the Son of God.
    Take Care and keep going strong in Him!

  5. I think the number thing is somehow subconsciously tied to the prevalence of verse numbers. Somehow ;)

  6. Other omissions

    White Heart
    Altar Boys
    Resurrection Band

    And one of the coolest Christian sounding CCM band names: DigHayZoose

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  8. Driver Eight

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  10. I may not know a whole lot about ccm bands but what about the Newsboys? Petra was listed and as far as I know they have been around almost as long if not longer. Especially hot now since the lead singer of DC Talk joined the group…

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