Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

In what was undoubtedly one of the best NCAA championship games of all time (and only the seventh to go to overtime), the Kansas Jayhawks beat Memphis and won it all! I said KANSAS WON! My team, my home state… this is just utter joy! Mario Chalmers, you’re my hero! And you will go down in history as making the miracle shot that made this a game for the ages. Ahhh, this is what it’s all about. March Madness could not have ended on a better note. Kansas fans everywhere: BELIEVE IT! 1952. 1988. And now 2008!!!

8 responses to “Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

  1. I will be humming Luther Vandross and Queen for weeks!!!!!

  2. Well done, Jayhawks!

  3. It was truly a fantastic game!!!

  4. These Jayhawks are already being called the greatest team in KU history, with a better record than either of the earlier NCAA championship teams (1952 and 1988). Winning in San Antonio against two great opponents (NC and Memphis) adds credibility to this claim!
    And how about Darrell (“Shady”) Arthur who played his greatest game in a KU uniform, 20 points and 10 rebounds. It’s most likely his last game for KU but he saved the best for the biggest, and last game of his college career.

  5. Painful side note: to win the championship, Kansas slipped past my alma mater when the Davidson Wildcats missed a last second shot. Does that make Davidson the second best team in the country?

  6. nice work with the video. what track is that? appleseed cast, this will destroy you?

    thanks | chris

  7. Craig- I think Memphis is officially the second best team in the country… but Davidson did come closest to beating the national champs!

    Chris- The song in the video is “The Birth and Death of the Day” by Explosions in the Sky.

  8. Rock Chalk Brett even though I don’t know you..

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