Kansas in National Championship!

UCLA lost tonight… but Kansas won! And so I’m happy. So very happy. This could be the first national championship for KU basketball since 1988, and if Kansas plays anything like they did in the first fifteen minutes (and last five) of tonight’s game against North Carolina, Memphis should be very, very afraid. Alas, anything is possible on Monday night. But for now, Jayhawk fans everywhere ought to be very hyped up. We beat Roy Williams!


5 responses to “Kansas in National Championship!


  2. Seriously, why do Kansas fans hate Roy so much? Is it because he has better hair then the current coach?

  3. KU fans really, really, really need to get off their hatred-kick of Roy…come on…he gave the university 15 great years, and said no to UNC once…

    BUT, if Jim Larranaga had left my beloved alma mater Mason for his alma mater Providence this past week…I would’ve felt the same way.

    I get it.

  4. I think Kansas fans can finally end the Roy-hating after last night’s game. It’s been like a long and nasty divorce settlement, but as Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star wrote today:

    “Well, it’s really over now. The divorce is settled. And Kansas got the house, cars, custody of the kids, the 401(k) and a shot at a national championship.”

    Now we can leave Roy be…

    And Jason: I think “better” is a relative term when talking about hair. If you like thin, dead, white hair, then sure, Roy’s is better. But if you like healthy, vitamin-enriched hair, Self’s is better.

  5. But it seems the only angry spouse was Kansas. I’ve never heard Roy say a bad word about Kansas. But I guess he would be the spouse who left for another woman. I always thought that UNC and KU were kindred spirits of sorts with Dean, Larry, and Roy.

    RE: Hair. I suppose that Self’s hair is healthy and vitamin-enriched, it is also attached with glue. I guess “natural” or “real” would have been more appropriate than “better.”

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