100 Greatest Worship Songs of All Time

…In my opinion. To me. Subjectively… These are the 100 most worshipful songs of all time. Now, before you start reading, recognize a few things:

  • I am defining “worship songs” VERY broadly. Essentially this includes hymns and contemporary praise music, but also ancient classical music, arias, jazz, secular rock, etc…
  • This list is not limited to songs that make me think about God and Jesus (though obviously a lot of them do). No, these are simply the songs that pack the biggest holiness punch when I listen to them. They are the songs that you can’t help but close your eyes to—the songs that are so beautiful, so alive, so longing, so emotional, that you feel the true transcendent power of art: what George Steiner calls “the most ‘ingressive’, trans-formative summons available to human experiencing.”
  • After I compiled this list I looked over it to see what—if anything—these songs had in common. I found that a large number of them deal with topics of home—of “homelands” or “homelessness”—and also of memory/nostalgia/loss. A lot of them are sad and melancholy, reflecting upon the pain of unfound peace. These are the songs that make longing visceral—that point to the holy other and the heavens. To quote Steiner again, these are the songs “which inform us of the visitor’s visa in place and in time which defines our status as transients in a house of being whose foundations, whose future history, whose rationale—if any—lie wholly outside our will and comprehension.” (Note: Updated list, 2012)

jesus_icon.jpg100) Jesus was a Crossmaker – The Hollies
99) Someone to Watch Over Me – Ella Fitzgerald
98) Spirit in the Sky – Norman Greenbaum
97) From the Inside Out – Hillsong
96) Grandma Mary – Denison Witmer
95) Vincent – Don McLean
94) Welcome, Ghosts – Explosions in the Sky
93) ‘Round Midnight – Miles Davis
92) All for Jesus – Robin Mark
91) Lead Me to the Cross – Hillsong United
90) This Road – Jars of Clay
89) These Are My Mountains – Scottish traditional
88) Draw Me Close To You – Kelly Carpenter
87) I’ll Fly Away – Albert Brumley
86) (That’s How You Sing) Amazing Grace – Low
85) God Only Knows – The Beach Boys
84) Lead of Love – Caedmon’s Call
83) And Can it Be That I Should Gain? – Charles Wesley
82) Das Rheingold – Wagner
81) Blessed Assurance – Fanny Crosby
80) Nothing But the Blood – Robert Lowry
79) Death in His Grave – John Mark McMillan
78) Exit Music (For A Film) – Radiohead
77) Stardust – Nat King Cole
76) Everlasting God – Lincoln Brewster
windowslivewritericonpaintingasaspiritualpath-7e37clip-image0081.jpg 75) People Get Ready – Curtis Mayfield
74) Our Great God – Fernando Ortega
73) Both Sides Now – Joni Mitchell
72) Lilac Wine – Jeff Buckley
71) Orphan Girl – Gillian Welch
70) Long Lost Brother – Over the Rhine
69) What a Friend We Have in Jesus – Joseph Scriven
68) The King of Love My Shepherd Is – Irish traditional
67) Heysatan – Sigur Ros
66) Claire De Lune – Debussy
65) Danny Boy – Irish traditional
64) 40 – U2
63) The Four Seasons – Vivaldi
62) Down to the River to Pray – Alison Krauss
61) The Trumpet Child – Over the Rhine
60) Fantasia on Theme by Thomas Tallis – Ralph Vaughn Williams
59) Carry Me Home – Hem
58) Hymn – Jars of Clay
57) Knocking On Heaven’s Door – Bob Dylan
56) What Wondrous Love is This – traditional
55) Psalm 131 – Waterdeep
54) A Change is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke
53) Give Me Jesus – Fernando Ortega
52) A Mighty Fortress Is Our God – Martin Luther
51) I’ve Been High – REM
50) You Are Holy (Prince of Peace) – Michael W. Smith
49) Intervention – The Arcade Fire
48) You Are So Good to Me – Waterdeep
47) Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel
46) Mothers of the Disappeared – U2
45) If I Stand – Rich Mullins
44) All Creatures of Our God and King – Francis of Assisi
43) Yesterday – The Beatles
42) Piano Sonata No. 8 – Beethoven
41) Come to Jesus – Mindy Smith
40) What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
39) In the Garden – C. Austin Miles
38) Song to the Moon – Dvorak
37) This Is My Father’s World – Maltbie Babcock
36) How Great Thou Art – Carl Boberg
35) O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing – Charles Wesley
34) Vapour Trail – Trespassers William
33) Holland – Sufjan Stevens
32) God of Wonders – Marc Byrd and Steve Hindalong
31) Jesus Paid it All – Elvina Hall
30) Clocks – Coldplay
29) Oh Praise Him – David Crowder
28) Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers
27) O Sacred Head Now Wounded – Bernard of Clairvaux
26) Requiem – Mozart
25) Let it Be – The Beatles
24) Great is Thy Faithfulness – Thomas Chisholm
23) How Deep the Father’s Love for Us – Stuart Townend
22) In Christ Alone – Keith Getty and Stuart Townand
21) You’re Hand in Mine – Explosions in the Sky
20) Ave Maria – Schubert
19) It is Well With My Soul – Horatio Spafford
18) Changes Come – Over the Rhine
17) Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen
16) Nessun Dorma – Puccini
15) The Lord’s Prayer – Albert Hay Malotte
14) Messiah – Handel
13) Where the Streets Have No Name – U2
12) Amazing Grace – John Newton
11) When I Survey the Wondrous Cross – Isaac Watts
10) My Jesus I Love Thee –William Featherstone
9) Oh the Deep Deep Love of Jesus –Samuel Francis
8) Seven Swans – Sufjan Stevens
7) Take My Life (And Let it Be) – Francis Havergal
6) Untitled #8 – Sigur Ros
5) Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing – Robert Robinson
4) Doxology – traditional
3) Symphony No. 9 – Beethoven
2) Holy, Holy, Holy – Reginald Heber
1) Be Thou My Vision – Irish traditional

184 responses to “100 Greatest Worship Songs of All Time

  1. The entire Messiah gets one entry? And it ISN’T #1?

    • Imagine by John Lennon is basically the furthest thing from a worship song, sorry.

      • Amen, Alyssa. I don’t think the Divine appreciates stretching something so fundamental to the Christian faith as “true and acceptable worship” to the point of blasphemy. I do recall entire nations of people were destroyed for such impetuosity.

        I understand your desire to be open-minded and “tolerant”, but as a people set apart to “hate the world”, how do you justify this list, Biblically?

      • Depends on your place and style of worship. Imagine by John Lennon is played in Unitarian Universalist churches all the time and is revered as the ultimate challenge song questioning what has been said to be the truth for thousands of years.

      • No it isn’t… John Lennon wasn’t religious but who’s to say he wasn’t spiritual? Be open minded.

      • If God so loved the world then why are we a people set apart to hate the world. Confused. Maybe I got a different book

      • While I can appreciate the “togetherness” message of Imagine, I don’t know how this could be defined as worship. It is a well crafted song, one that sparks emotion; but I don’t think it has that “holiness punch” you were talking about is in there.. just emotion.

        Worship needs to be about more than emotion. It’s a declaration of who God is, praising Him for being who He is or maybe even responding to our relationship with Him. Where does “No heaven above us, no hell below” fit into worshiping God?

        John Lennon may have been spiritual, but that doesn’t mean he was a worship music writer. There is a huge gap between being spiritual and worshiping God.

        I like the song, it was one of the first I learned to play; but I would never pick it out for a worship set.

      • I just stumbled upon this list and I can see how a true seeker would include the song Imagine on this list. I am in agreement that John Lennon was not a Christian but I challenge you to re-read the words to this song. Imagine was written not from the perspective of what is on earth but the true new heaven and earth that is to come. The words honestly and simply discribe Heaven. We all know that when the Lord returns “religion” will go away. What we ercieve as Heaven today will not be what it will be… and earth will be destroyed… therefore the lines Imagine theres no heaven… no earth… no hell below us… all makes sense if the song is viewed from the tense of us worshiping the Father together.., all singing the glory of God.

        Heaven and Earth will pass away… and millions will sing “glory glory glory, Lord God Almighty”

        John Lennon got the words right… unfortuanately… he did not realize how close he was to the truth.

      • I’ve always thought of “Imagine” as a song about what the world would’ve been like without the Fall. A place where religious difference, petty squabbles over material possessions, and geographical dividing lines don’t exist, and where we don’t need Heaven or Hell because earth is the Paradise God created it to be? In any case, I think it’s a song born of a seeker, and I love its inclusion on the list.

      • Okay firstly, worship is defined by a reverence and obedience to s/o or s/t. To say that a song is worship to God just because the lyrics imply a peace, harmony and togetherness is simply absurd.

        The Bible says in Jn. 4:23-24 that worship is done in spirit and truth. A worship song flows out of a worshipper. A worshipper obeys God’s word, follows after Jesus and listens to the Holy Spirit.

        I do believe John Lennon was searching for truth and peace but he was not a worshipper of God.

        Yes, we are set apart from the world and are called to be different (Rom. 12:1-2; 1Jn. 2:15-17). And the Bible makes it clear: there are only TWO teams–God’s and Satan’s. It also makes it clear that we can only serve one master at a time (Matt. 6:24; Rom. 6:16). John Lennon was not serving God, as was made evident by his actions.

        You can’t say that this song, or any other song, is worship to God just because you want it to be. That IS blasphemy. Worship is all about God. Plain and simple. There are no gray areas.

        I’m not saying to be a hateful person towards others who don’t serve God. We’re supposed to draw them in. But we also can’t lie or twist truth to our liking.

    • i’m disturbed to see not a single Jon Foreman song on this list. please listen to his solo’s and adjust.

  2. A million awesome points for listing three songs by Over the Rhine.

    I agree completely with “The Trumpet Child” – holy touching the face of God!

    I would have also nominated “When I Go” and “Little Blue River” (for it’s segue into “In the Garden.”

  3. great list. i look forward to listening to some new titles here. out of curiosity, what made you include “From the Inside Out” from Hillsong versus so many of their other titles?

  4. I agree with Tim–if you’re gonna leave the Messiah hanging at #14, you have to choose a piece or two.

    We’ve actually done a lot of these songs relatively recently on our church’s worship team and I’d have to concur that they ARE pretty great.

    Also, sorry, I’m an editor, I can’t help it–#1 is “Be Thou my Vision” :)

  5. The whole conceit of this entry is a little too much VH1 / Blender and a little too less McCracken if you ask this reader.

    Concept aside, I’m still scratching my head at the inclusion of “Imagine.” It’s a fine tune, but to be counted as a worship song in any way shape or form? The disclaimer doesn’t help answer that puzzle. “Symphony 9” could be regarded in a similar light, although admittedly Beethoven is a more complicated case than Lennon.

  6. One of the more unexpectedly worshipful moments in my own concertgoing life happened at Lollapalooza in, I think, the summer of 1995, when Sinead O’Connor sang ‘Thank You for Hearing Me.’ Listening to the song on the CD, I had assumed it was directed at someone here on Earth, but watching her look heavenward as she sang it from the stage, it took on a different connotation.

  7. Largely in agreement, but I have to add my boy James Taylor, especially “Fire & Rain”…as his mom says, “My son writes hymns for agnostics.”

  8. I knew Brett was cool, but including Over The Rhine makes him supercool. Good work.

  9. Isn’t ‘Every Breath You Take’ about a stalker? Maybe I’m misunderstanding the point.

    My addition would be Arvo Part’s ‘Speigel mit Speigel’

    • Every Breath You Take has nothing to do with God… it is a twisted song about stalking someone. It is a good song and the Police were fantastic, but the meaning of this particular song is very disturbing.
      Lennon was spiritual, but not religious and he did not write gospels… his songs should not be here in this list. George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” should be here if there is a necessity to have the Beatles represented.

      • In 2004 I did a lot of research and had a book published regarding the challenge of attracting young people to the Church. it is a topic close to my heart as a firm believer. the no.1 idea coming from young people wasnt women priests or married priests or even paedophila related. it was to do with application of more humour. sadly, a lot of christians here seem to lack a sense of humour in the song choices. Didnt some of you read the preamble where the author went to great pains to point out the potential weaknesses of his choice? Be Thou My Vision is his number 1, but to read the Salem style reaction of some comments you would think it was Black Sabbath or Marilyn Manson. If young people are drawn to God by listening to beautiful music , whats the problem exactly?

  10. I love the inclusion of Untitled 8 by Sigur Ros. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to see this band close one of its shows with the heart-stopping final track from ( ) knows how intense this song really is. All around interesting list…sure to rile up many readers I’m sure!

  11. FYI: You Are Holy (Prince of Peace) is actually by Marc Imboden & Tammy Rhoton (although you wouldn’t know it by searching google…whew!)

    Not a biggie, but I thought you’d like to know :)

  12. There’s a few great songs on U2’s latest – “Yahweh” and “Miracle Drug” that are really interesting along these lines.

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  15. Thanks so much for this list – I agree with the inclusion of all the ones on the list that I know, and am excited about listening to the ones I don’t.

  16. I have to agree with “still scratching my head at ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon” I have to agree. In this song, JL blames religion as the cause of all evil in the world..and says we should imagine “no heaven..” I do like the part, “Imagine no possessions” I kind of like that idea…what would we fight over then?

  17. Sorry, but that’s a pretty awful list of “worship” songs. About a third of those songs are not “worship” songs at all… so how can they be some of the greatest? You can’t take secular songs and pretend like they are worship songs. And you can’t take a song that you would sing to your wife/husband and sing it to God, because God deserves more.

    Honestly, that is the silliest list of worship songs I’ve ever seen. You have Unchained Melody, Let it Be, and Clocks by Coldplay all in the top 30, but Power of Your Love, Lamb of God, The Old Rugged Cross, He is Exalted, The Cares Chorus, and I See The Lord are nowhere on the entire list?! Please.

    • oh Charles…

    • First of all, this is an opinionated list. Why don’t you link us all to YOUR list of worship songs? Secondly, why do all the people here think that the word ‘worship’ applies only to God. Worship means “adoring reverence and regard”. I worship the mountains where I vacation because of the overwhelming sense if beauty and closeness to God that I get when Im there. I show an enormous amount of reverance when I am there because of its power over me. He left a disclaimer at the top explaining everything and all of you small-minded individuals are getting heated and criticizing when he clearly explained himself. Please try to be open minded and respectful.

  18. Some of those songs aren’t bad choices, but Imagine by John Lennon is not a worship song, it’s actually an anti-religious song. He sings at the very beginning, “Imagine there’s no Heaven, it’s easy if you try, no Hell below us, above us only sky.” Lennon was the one that said The Beatles were more popular than Jesus, and that Christianity would eventually go out of style. He certainly was not a religious man.

    • I think in ‘Imagine’ Lennon was pointing out how religion and worship can part ways, and that in many ways religion has strayed from it’s purpose of pointing us toward the Lord.

      • No… He’s definitely positing a world without religion… No heaven, no hell, only sky… I don’t see any references to free spirituality there…

        I think we’re “imagining” things :)

  19. Okay, sorry, I didn’t read those notes you had before I read the list like you told me to. Although I find it hard to close my eyes to a song that tells me to imagine that there is no Heaven. Sorry if that makes me sound narrow minded, but I don’t want to be reminded of what my life was like before I came to Jesus.

  20. Wow, those are great selections of songs. Some of which I never would’ve thought to have been classified as “Worship” or “Praise.”

  21. This is a nice list, I’m still checking out the song selection and they are pretty good ^_^
    There is a version of Holy Holy Holy that I love:

    I’m not sure how close it is to the original but wow, it is such a powerful and uplifting song that glorifies God to the fullest and beyond.
    Listen to the song and you’ll see ^_^

    ~God bless and thanks for the song selection, I’m still browsing and listening.

    Be Thou My Vision is definitely a beautiful pure song. ^_^

    • a beautiful songs…………………… a presents of god is there in this song. god is still living

    • Thank you Christina, I don’t know where this was tapped but it was such a blessing to me. I was looking for Praise and Worship songs and I happened on this list. Holy. Holy, Holy song at this church was so beautiful. Thank You again

  22. How did Mozart, Handel, Dvorak, and Debussy NOT make the top 5? How can these works even be compared to David Crowder, U2, etc????

  23. ah, ‘of all time.’ Surely you know, all time isn’t up yet… Maybe the best so far, that you’ve heard over, or remember :-)
    Such lists are always controversial, that’s part of their charm.


  24. To bring to light a few areas that are missing from the list: Hank Williams, he wrote many powerful gospel songs, of course the most popular one is probably “I saw the light”, though some of his lesser known songs such as “When God comes to gather his jewels” are wonderful as well. The complete omission of African American gospel music from the list is something that should be changed (for the good of the people, get a little movement going) “Precious Lord take my hand” by Thomas A Dorsey is perhaps the most well known gospel song and Dorsey the 20th century’s most prolific writer of gospel music. others are Washington Phillips “Denomination Blues”, Staples Singers “More than a hammer and nail” and any song by Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers, as well as Curtis Mayfield’s “People get ready”. Just for fun a couple of hidden gems are Townes Van Zandt “Two Hands”, a song I have been playing with my band and works well in church as well as in Skid Row missions and Good Time Shacks…and Tom T Hall “Me and Jesus”. I am logging of the internet now, having partially paid me dept to society by bringing to light these wonderful tributes to the Lord Christ.

  25. I’m not gonna lie: I actually just started crying, looking through this list. I think it was because of “If I Stand,” Mullins, which has haunted me for years (I still don’t have it on CD, myself).

    My sister and I sang Jars’ “Hymn” at a HS talent show one year. :)

    Just in case – judging by the hymns listed here, I think you’d probably love “O Sing a Song of Bethlehem,” sung right. It’s my favorite hymn. (And a few weeks ago, when I really really needed to be Fed at my new church in my new town, a sweet twenty-something played the piano and sang it during communion – astonishing.)

  26. Well, I agree with “Hallelujah,” but not the Leonard Cohen version.

  27. Here is a rousing song about the second coming in basic keyboard style


  28. I will have to agree with this list for the most part. “Be thou my vision” is definitely the greatest worship song of all time it is ageless and I’m a 19 year old saying that. The only thing I would say is that “I can only imagine” by mercyme is the epitome of a worship song and belongs in the top 5 of this list

  29. no phil wickham?

  30. margret ogbeta

    i want to be a great worshiper of the lord, the i worship the sprit of God should come down, and heal,miracle during the worship

  31. nice list, some that i would not have put on, however, i would have put “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe and “Untitled Hymn” by Chris Rice as well as “None Like You” by Shane and Shane. these are my personal favorite worship songs that bring tears to my eyes.

    I would consider revising the list.

  32. I love this list. I think I may make this list my iPod for the next couple of weeks…whether or not I agree that a song is or is not a worship song is beside the point – – I love how much thought and time you have put into this. I’m not surprised at all that people are confused by your order (or selection) since we all know how subjective our tastes and perspectives are when it comes to music!

    I just have to say that the 1985-1998 vineyard movement of worship songs and choruses changed my life :-) even if some of those songs are RIDICULOUSLY charismatic. Many of their song writers (Benton Brown, Kelly Carpenter, Kathryn Scott, Brian Doerksen, Andy Park) have written wonderful songs! I see several made the list! Good choice.

  33. Kudos Brett for having the moxie to even put this list together. Of course no one is going to agree with every choice, but it gives an engaging portrait of your soul.

    As far as worship songs in the corporately singable genre, mine would have to include “The Solid Rock” by Edward Mote and “None But Jesus” by Brooke Fraser.

  34. We live in a day and time where anything goes.
    All lines have been blured and there are no such things as boundaries anymore. This list is a testament to my statement. First “hymn” is biblical statement found in Col. 3:16 They are songs sung by Christians about the Almighty God. There is not another definition for this word. A “agnostic hymn” is an oxymoron. The song “Imagine” asks the listener to “imagine there’s no heaven, it’s easy if you try”. This is in direct conflict with God. Lennon, a known atheist, hated God and Christianity so to list his song “Imagine” as a top hymn is an error in itself.

  35. Where is Arise, My Soul, Arise?!?! A beautiful traditional hymn…

  36. the Beatles? yeah they make this list completely void. congratulations

  37. ok its not 100% void. there are some good points. (ex. be thou my vision, come thou fount)

  38. Nothing from Bob Dylan??!! What R U, Nutz?!

  39. And what about the them “Dueling Banjos”? from Deliverance?! You’re way off, pal…wwaaaayyyy off. hehe.

  40. Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”? guess just like “Jaws”…”you’re gonna need a bigger list!”

  41. “Imagine” is the most secular atheist song you could put. It celebrates the idea of “no heaven” which to me is ridiculous. It is about humanism and humans’ striving for a godless utopia where everyone is happy. For several years they have played it in NYC when the ball drops at New Year’s. Top choice among secularists.

  42. Wow, a lot of items on the list resonate with me, which makes me want to check out the unknowns. The only one that left me with a bad taste in my mouth is “Imagine,” but that’s clearly well-traveled ground by now.
    I’m curious about what you’re thinking when you use the word “holy.” I get it intuitively I think, and have a working broad definition of holiness. Do you make a distinction between the way the Bible uses the term and a broader concept, or is it the same for you?

  43. ya this is really some foolish list. where are the REAL christian songs. We’re talking about the true ones and not by some artist such as Coldplay or U2. cmon what is that…seriously. Get a real list, and idk how in the world those top 3 songs could actually be top 3. They werent even good.

  44. I really appreciate your list, thank you.

  45. Great songs, in any age. This is what i am teaching worship leaders and even have produced a free ebook we give away on how to arrange hymns in the modern church. Feel free to check out our praise and worship leader training website sometime and let me know what you think. I would love to partner with you sometime

  46. Beethoven’s 9th is really not Christian in any way. the original lyrics to the song are completely pagan. I agree that it is stunningly beautiful and spiritual, though. also, music for 18 musicians by Steve Reich. And I agree that there are many songs with prett questionable spiritual value on here. Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is about sexual release. I agree, though I doubt it was your intent in this list

  47. I agree with most of these songs. As for being upset about songs such as “Imagine” and “Hallelujah”, I disagree. Just because a song is written by an artist for a certain topic, doesn’t mean it can’t be interpreted differently by the listener. If this wasn’t true, there would be a lot less album sales.

    Lisa, holy means unique, if that helps. And that covers an extremely wide variety of songs.

    For my addition, “I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me. But, that is just a suggestion. Great list.

    • ho·ly
         /ˈhoʊli/ Show Spelled [hoh-lee] Show IPA adjective, -li·er, -li·est, noun, plural -lies.
      specially recognized as or declared sacred by religious use or authority; consecrated: holy ground.
      dedicated or devoted to the service of god, the church, or religion: a holy man.
      saintly; godly; pious; devout: a holy life.
      having a spiritually pure quality: a holy love.
      entitled to worship or veneration as or as if sacred: a holy relic.
      religious: holy rites.
      inspiring fear, awe, or grave distress: The director, when angry, is a holy terror.
      a place of worship; sacred place; sanctuary.
      Use holy in a Sentence
      See images of holy
      Search holy on the Web
      before 900; Middle English holi, Old English hālig, variant of hāleg, equivalent to hāl whole + -eg -y1 ; cognate with Dutch, German heilig, Old Norse heilagr

      —Can be confused:  holey, holy, wholly.

      1. blessed. Holy, sacred, consecrated, hallowed imply possession of a sanctity that is the object of religious veneration. Holy refers to the divine, that which has its sanctity directly from God or is connected with Him: Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Something that is sacred, while sometimes accepted as entitled to religious veneration, may have its sanctity from human authority: a sacred oath. Something that is consecrated is specially or formally dedicated to some religious use: a life consecrated to service. Something that is hallowed has been made holy by being worshiped: a hallowed shrine. 4. spiritual.

      3, 4. corrupt, impious.

      holy does not mean unique-

  48. You forgot “mighty to save asswipes”

  49. Jimmy Buffett- “One Particular Harbor”
    Bob Marley- “Redemption Song”
    No Johnny Cash?
    Willie Nelson/Ray Charles “Seven Spanish Angels”
    Led Zeppelin “Stairway to Heaven”
    Astrud Gilberto- “The Girl From Ipanema”
    oh and Misty Edwards, “You Won’t Relent”

  50. oops, I forgot anything Bob Dylan, and “Scarlet Begonias” by The Grateful Dead.

  51. This list is great…and no arguments from my end because, well…all lists like this are subjective.

    That said…
    I think you would appreciate Needtobreathe…absolutely fantastic musicians

    “Ain’t no Reason” by Brett Dennen

    And if you can imagine, “Down to the River to Pray” by Alison Krauss being sung in a southern, old cathedral with amazing acoustics…that would make your list

  52. I don’t quite agree with everything on this list, but I have to say, most of the songs are true worship songs and I love them. Very nice choices. :)

  53. Useless, some of thoes songs arn’t even religious imagine by john lennon was written against religion telling us to forget it. Have you even listened to some of these songs?

  54. I just attended Joyce Meyers Women’s Convention in St. Louis and as she said, “Jesus didn’t die for you to have a religion, he died for you to be saved.” I am very disappointed in those who want to criticize Imagine. It has been and always will be very spiritual for me. Like most artists, they like to shock the public to get attention (with the statements about Jesus, etc,) but the God inspired creations that come out of their souls speaks louder than anything they could say to incite debate amongst the masses. Kudos to your list.

    • It always has been spiritual for you. Hmm. From the great Atheist Himself

      Imagine there’s no Heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today: No heaven = no God. No hell well liberal theology wants you to believe that. Jesus spoke more of hell than he did of heaven. Wow imagine that. living for today, kinda selfish.

      All the rest of the lyrics, though sound good, it is all a fantasy, until Jesus comes back those things will NEVER happen. It’s just left over hippy wishing.

      Please don’t think that I am bashing Lennon, the guy was a brilliant musician and WAY ahead of his time, but this is also the man who said, that the Beatles were bigger than God.

  55. John Lennon? Joni Mitchell? the Police? Really are you serious? I mean you have some great Praise and worship songs in here, but you have a lot that are definitely NOT

  56. amazing list..i learned a few new ones..man, i wish someone would take the time to post a YouTube video of each song..

  57. Two words:

    NO BACH?

  58. All I can say ir thank you so much, you all are doing a wonderful work for His kingdom God bless.! Thank you.
    In Him

  59. this list is ridiculous in my opinion, but at least you cleatly stated that it wasnt going to be what i expected. just saying.

  60. As an almost 70ish senior, much of this music is unfamiliar. When I saw the heading, I wondered if “And Can It Be That I Should Gain” would be included, and yes, there it was, #83. Another favorite, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” #24, got me through many difficult times. And yes, “Be Thou My Vision,” is in a good place at #1. It’s taken me a long time to replace fundamentalist/evangelical early teaching, but I have learned that God exists apart from the Bible and apart from the church (and church music!) and if we find God in what is termed “secular” music or literature or art it is to our spiritual benefit. Fred Clark of SLACKTIVIST had a great post about God meeting us on our path, wherever that path may be.

  61. Why is Imagine in this list? Blasphemy and worship are two different things. The mind boggles.

  62. You people are all assholes and jokes of Christians if you think that there is anything Christ-like about ripping someone apart for making a list of what he considers to be praise music. Choke on that irony, and then you can all “Imagine” yourself not going to heaven, because you won’t with that judgmental and unloving attitudes. Stupid fuckers.

  63. My addition:

    ‘Everything’ by Lifehouse.


  64. Condemning the assholes and stupid fuckers for the irony of their judgmental and unloving attitudes…

    I think that’s called meta-irony.

  65. Father bishop lawrence

    oh…how can you have forgotten
    #27 ride or die B**** –tupac shakur
    #22 worthy is the lord–heavenly saints
    #12 Straight outta compton- NWA
    #8 F*** the police – Ice T
    #2 Hell’s Child – 666 mafia

    those are all worship classics, why would you leave those out?

  66. Just discovered your blog, I’ll be subscribing. I saw the top 100 list and wondered about #1. Then was seriously surprised that Be Thou My Vision was on top. We used that song in our wedding ceremony. Such a powerful song, lyrics and music together – always brings me to the place of worship.

  67. This is not a list of great worship songs. To include magnificent hymns like A Mighty Fortess Is Our God and Amazing Grace, for example, with secular songs by John lennon, the Police, etc. is just astounding.
    Worship songs must be about God and his awesomness, nothing else.

  68. i hope you realize that Every Breathe you Take by the police, is about a stalker, not God watching over us.

  69. This is a joke, right? The Beatles were directed by Satan himself. Anyone who has 2 minutes to read can just type Beatles and the occult and you will see countless of articles and things exposing them.

  70. Came across this fascinating Top100 list and accompanying comments just now – wow, as an author of a book on The Church and young people that considers music’s influence, this is very interesting. This was a superb list of music for people like me that find most of so called Christian artists cringe-inducing musically. With a few exceptions (the Mormon group Low, who are here, with their superb ‘Amazing Grace’ being one), if you have good music taste and are Christian, you kind of have to do what this list does and take a few liberties. So what if you just take the good bits of ‘Imagine’ and blank out the rest? Other songs like ‘Into Your Arms, O Lord’ by Nick Cave and ‘Personal Jesus’ by Depache Mode are other examples of great songs that can make you think of Jesus/God despite being by non-Christian artists about non-Christian things.
    The inclusion here of Sigur Ros’ #8 (Popplagio), Intervention by Arcade Fire and Radiohead’s Exit Music was uplifting to me – thank God there are Christians out there with good taste in music and can extract the immense beauty that lies amid the largely secular music scene.
    As for all the negative comments posted here – seriously, I’m sure the author is well aware what ‘Imagine’ is about – hence the lengthy, apologetic intro…but Imagine is a beautiful song – and even spiritual for many. I don’t like it much myself, but I admire the author of the list for ‘thinking outside the box’ and having a sense of humour – which, by the way, came in as the No.1 most important contributory facor for getting young people interested in religion in my book’s lengthy research….well done to all who made this blog/conversation so interesting!

  71. Yes, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, especially the late recordings of the latter, even if most of them are covers (One, Personal Jesus, Mercy Seat).
    And what about Wovenhand, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, 16 Horsepower??? They are the most intense bands ever with amazing and tough lyrics.
    I miss Mumford & Sons, and their debut ‘Sigh No More’.

    I’m also delighted to see Sigur Rós in the list. The whole ‘()’ album took my breath away and the final track is unbeliveable, indeed. ‘Takk’ is great, too, but everybody should check out ‘Heima’, their DVD.

  72. umm…imagine by john lennon is anti-religious.
    “Imagine there’s no Heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky”
    so how is this a worship song?

  73. I really liked this list, and I agree with the other comments – you have a lot of moxie to post this! It shows your personal taste and also exhibits very well how our connection to God is a personal thing. I personally dislike the song Imagine, but I understand why you put it there. I just don’t like the song as a song very much.

    I really appreciate the addition of traditional hymns in your list. It’s important to remember our heritage when it comes to worship. The ‘modern’ worship songs you’ve added are also great choices and I found myself agreeing with the songs you listed. I had to take a second to think about the “technically non-Christian” music, but seeing Sufjan Stevens and Sigur Ros in the list made me happy. Beethoven, Handel, Puccini, and Schubert all deserved a place on your list, but I have to ask… where is Rachmaninoff? Since it’s your list, I won’t presume to say you’ve ‘forgotten’ something. If I were making this list, I would add some Death Cab for Cutie songs. Some of their songs have some beautiful melodies and lyrics that for whatever reason draw me closer to God. I love it!

    Now I wish I had $100.00 so I could buy all of these songs and make an iTunes playlist!

  74. Some of these songs are really beautiful & interesting while others at the same time are not the kind of songs I find to be worshipful. I don’t mean that in a bad way but some of these songs are not worthy of singing to the Lord.

  75. imalsopretentious

    I’m so embarrassed to be a young christian man when I see trippy, shallow stuff like this. You mention a “holiness punch”? Do you understand holiness? People are right to comment the way that they have. Most (as I’ve read) out of bemused shock.

    Why don’t you include “Like A Prayer” by Madonna & “Up In Here” by DMX? Both of them have references to spirituality and I suppose, as one reader so “spiritually” put it “you can take parts of the song” (I believe in defence of Lennon’s “Imagine”) that speak spiritually and block out the rest.

    Honestly, on a humorous/odder note, God planned for me not to see this list until after I was saved. If I had seen this before, I think my gag reflex wouldn’t have been the only thing in trouble.

    I appreciate that you made a list and it was a big effort and I normally don’t comment on blogs ever, but if you are going to introduce it how you have, in the flippant “hipster” abandon (HA!), not only do you not have my support but you have the ridicule of my christian & non-christian friends by the embarrassing standards which are being met with the “christian hipster” garbage. WWJD, Douchebags?

    Be Thou My Vision is brilliant, though.

  76. While uplifting, Let It Be is certainly not a worship song. The line “Mother Mary comes to me” is literally referring to Paul’s mother, who was named Mary. I suppose it could be considered a spiritual song in some sense, considering the message of “letting things be” is a common tenet throughout several religions, including Buddhism.

  77. No George Harrison on the list? He had a bunch of worshipful songs (Awaiting On You All, Try Some Buy Some, Here Me Lord), most of which were rather Unitarian. Also, Let it Be was written about Paul McCartney’s mother, not Mary Mother of Jesus.

    • drew, you may be correct as far as music history, but, the thing is, when we listen to “Let it Be” we are not writing it. We (some of us) listen, hear, and sing along as “mother Mary (mother of Jesus) comes to me…Not “When i find myself in times or trouble, Paul McCartney’s mother Mary comes to me…” So this is fitting it that sense. God bless.

      • Drew, you may be correct as far as music history, but, the thing is, when we listen to “Let it Be” we are not writing it. We (some of us) listen, hear, and sing along as “mother Mary (mother of Jesus) comes to me…Not, “When i find myself in times of trouble, Paul McCartney’s mother Mary comes to me…” (i don’t mean to be smart azz). So this is fitting in that sense. God bless.

  78. I’m truly shocked; clearly, my brother, you’ve missed the plot with this list…. Worship is the acts of paying divine honors to the Supreme Being; religious reverence and homage; adoration, or acts of reverence, paid to God, or a being viewed as God

  79. Sounds good. hope it is.

  80. hey no offence, but a lot of these aren’t even by christain artists. and while i believe songs in themselves can be about pretty much anything depending on how you take in the lyrics, there are just some that do not work for worship… at all. For example John Lennon was an athiest, and his song Imagine is supporting that fact verry much. Don’t get me wrong tho i love John Lennon and that song, but i must diagree with a lot of your choices on this list…… :/

  81. Amazing list!!!!! Thanks so much!

  82. Why do ‘worship’ songs have to be about a specific denomination. How about Worshiping the root of divine joy inside all of us that connects all of us. Thats essentially what music awakens. This joy and energy goes beyond all lines. In meditation we learn to rise above all ‘teachings’ and find the true universal teaching that exists within.

  83. Great, great list. I’ve got a lot of new songs in my playlist now. My personal favorite worship song is “Lightning Crashes” by Live. Though there’s nothing explicitly Christian about it, it never fails move me and make me think of God.

    And I think that’s the whole point of a list like this. It’s deeply personal, a fact you stated at the very beginning. Despite that, people seem to feel a need, even years after you posted this, to scream at you about your definition of worship and holy.

    Thank you for this, and thank you to all the commenters that pitched in with their own personal choices. I don’t care what Lennon was thinking when he wrote “Imagine”; when I belt it in the car, it is an act of adoration and worship, because God to me is hope and love, exactly what that song exalts.

  84. This list has some great music. However, you are missing a number of artists that have songs whose lyrics really deserve a spot here. I would have also omitted a few songs because I don’t like the band or the style. Of course, this is your list, and not mine, so thanks for sitting down and taking the time to post here :). I appreciate that someone like you sat down to write the list. Here is one of my favourite songs that I would love to share with you. Be blessed as you listen to it. It’s talking about the return of the Lord Jesus. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kLVI3J8UcU

  85. by his criteria, if this guy has “Where the Streets have no name”, i’d think he’d have “I Still haven’t found what i’m looking for”-it’s on the same album and more spiritual…And truly missing is one that should be close to or at the top of “anyone’s” “greatest worship songs” list. That is “Oh Happy Day” by the Edwin Hawkins singers. This classic was inspiring to non believers as well (reached #4 on Billboards in 1967. Don’t know it youngsters, check out the link. God bless.

  86. For such an “open list” I’m surprised not to see any Blind Willie Johnson (his music is in Space), Rolling Stones (“Shine A light”, “Let it loose”), BOB DYLAN!!!! or other legendary artists . Disappointed to see contemporary songs, but not the guys who matter!! Good conversation piece I guess…

  87. Great list – some interesting inclusions, but to echo one of the posts above, Negro Spirituals should have at least 7-8 spots on this list. Check out anything arrange by Moses Hogan – especially like Elijah Rock or The Battle of Jericho, or ANYTHING by Take 6 – arranged or original. A whole genre totally blindly left off the list. Other than that, very good and interesting

  88. Das Rheingold? You mean the four-hour-opera about Germanic gods/nymphs/dragons/etc.? The one commonly accused of being anti-semitic?
    The whole cycle is a masterpiece, yes, but come on – it’s not exactly holy…

  89. your 100 greastest worship song should be the i00 greastest pop song

  90. How could be Imagine – John Lennon on the list??? all though we all know that he is an anti Christ, This is crap!!!

  91. spiritual in real only with CHRIST OTHERS IS NOT THE TRUTH.

  92. Jesus is the best thin that has EVER happend to me in my life..

  93. I loved your list, although some of the songs I saw here I was not familiar with (but I will change that in due course). As a worship leader I am always grieved when “Christians” get all religious and say, “Well, an atheist wrote that so God gets no glory from it!” They are very quick to jump onto their soap box and show their Blessed Assurance to the world. God used a whore to save the Israelites. His son was born to a teenage girl who wasn’t married. The most successful King of Israel was born from a marriage that occurred because of an extramarital affair. His primary Apostle (Paul) was an avowed murderer and torturer of Christians. So…what makes all you RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS think a song written by an atheist cannot possibly ever bring God glory? Spare me all your “theological” ranting. If a person is drawn to Him because of song sung in the right spirit, with the aim of the song being to LIFT HIM UP (not and ideology or a philosophy or a personal agenda…HIM…he is none of those things) then I think God would expect us as His ambassadors to SING THE DANG SONG! He is a Savior. He is THE SAVIOR and HE IS LORD, which means all the music is His anyway. So, as a songwriter if I mistakenly say “these are my songs and I intend for them to mean this/that/the other” then I am fooling myself. God will most definitely take what was meant for evil and use it for good…just ask Joseph. Religious people really need to get a grip. Thank God He is NOT RELIGIOUS!

    • Hear hear! Controversial…but hey, wasnt a certain Jesus of Nazareth also…??

    • I think I’ve been following these comments, just waiting for this response. Thank you.

      I define worship songs as songs that, whether I’m listening or singing, make me feel like I’m praying. And I’m sorry, but Imagine is one of those for me. I don’t care what his intentions were; when I sing it, I’m praising God, and I’m singing about an ideal (that I, personally, believe can only be reached through Him).

    • I would be interested to understand what your definition of religion is? And how on a self-proclaimed Christian blog, you can say ‘spare me your “theological” ranting”, before carrying out preaching some of your own?

      Much of your own ranting seems to be confirming that Christ saves sinful men and women. However, I am not quite sure you seem to be able to make your point? You seem to be throwing out a fair amount of unsupported, borderline incorrect theology of your own (eg. “All the music is his anyway”, “..I think God expects us..”)

      I can see you are frustrated with legalism in Western Christianity, but if you are going to post against ‘religious zealots’, you may want to afford yourself some sound biblical knowledge. I would encourage you in this, so in turn you don’t mislead people on public internet forums with wafer-thin Christian logic & truth.

  94. Just want to say your article is as amazing. The clearness to your post is simply excellent and i could think you are a professional in this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to snatch your feed to stay updated with impending post. Thank you a million and please carry on the gratifying work.

  95. Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all people you really recognize what you are speaking about! Bookmarked. Please also visit my site =). We can have a link exchange agreement between us

  96. I think beatles songs must not in the list. They don’t believe in God. Right?

  97. After reading your list and all the comments posted about it, I’m not interested in “your definition” of holiness, worship, good music or anything else. The real question here is, “what is your definition of God?”
    Obviously, we are not talking about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Great I Am. The Lord of Hosts. Clearly you have a different definition of “god”.

  98. John Lennon, U2 and Simon and Garfunkel listed here? Don’t you know all of the Beatles were devil worshipers? They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll….<—-watch that documentary and you'll revise this list real quick. That documentary can be found on Youtube.

  99. To me, possibly the best song that stirs the longing that is visceral and points to “the holy other and the heavens” is “The Breaking of the Dawn” by Fernando Ortega and Elaine Rubenstein. I had actually been thinking about why I liked that song so much, and Brett’s description of the thread that binds many of his 100 songs together captured it really well for me. The best songs are like the best art: beautiful and accessible, mysterious and wonder evoking.

  100. Seriously! Not a single Switchfoot or Skillet song! Theyre like the best christian bands out there, with like the best songs that pack a punch. Every time I listen to a Skillet song, I just get adrenaline and feel like nothing can stop me because I got God. Seriously, listen to Skillet and Switchfoot.

  101. we are not religous we have a relationship

  102. Stronger By Hillsong Is theeeee ALL TIME BEST worship song…. Hands down

  103. strangely enough, I was at first surprised by the list as i read it before I read the intro. And yet, On what is a hugely diverse list, i found so many songs, that despite my very conservative background, i find myself often singing.
    Indeed John Lennon was lost and very much against the Lord Jesus, But his heart was for something that Jesus did want- a world where we live as one. Sadly For John, he did not realize that that world was only obtainable Through the Savior, but the song moves you because it does transcend our thoughts to what will be – Peace through the Prince of peace.
    I think part of us longs for the day when the singing and music are going to reach that plane where these songs only start to take us, Where the excellence of music is matched with the accuracy of devotion, where we will be “at Home’- Never alone. When the longings that earthly songs evoke will be completely satisfied by Jesus and we will be thankful that we ” have no less days to Sing HIS praise, than when we first begun.”.

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  105. 4 me is good to have a list of worship song so help me send some.thank u

  106. Sort of random.. overall good though. Amazing grace should be number one.

  107. Come on… I can’t imagine Imagine as a Worship song to God… This is a list of solemn songs Worshiping either God or something else.

  108. “Imagine” is worship to me…makes me somberly reflect that some of the lyrics are a lie. It’s like a beautiful worship song that almost was. Problem with us Christians is that we’re so hypocritical we feel the need to focus on the bad without seeing the good. The world doesn’t hear us talk enough about what is good.

  109. WHAT, no traditional songs?
    In Hebrew accompanied with the lyre.

    Gees folks, these are songs that somehow touch the author.

  110. Interesting list, and a lot of good songs there. Was actually hoping to spot a couple I cannot locate! One is called, I think, “The Apple of His eye”. Chorus is – “for you still carry inside you His love that never will die, and you will always be for Him the apple of His eye”. Female vocalist, heard it on the radio decades back, and can’t find it ANYWHERE. Other one, MAYBE called “Because I Am.” Maybe. He’s talking to Mary, one line He says, “Mary, if you’d only trusted, you’d know he isn’t really dead”, I think about Lazarus, though not 100% sure. Chorus repeats, “I am the resurrection I am the life, and he who believes in me though dead, shall not die”, then closes with “Because I Am”, repeated. Any help anyone can give is GREATLY appreciated. Both amazing songs, and I don’t know who did them or the exact titles. Will check back, and pray someone knows these!

  111. Let it Be is not a Christian song at all……..it has nothing to do with Jesus.

  112. This is si dang stupid!!!!!! Most of theas band are not even about god

  113. am I looking at the right list…?

    Imagine… nothing to do with God; Lennon said himself he did not believe in God
    Let it Be… Paul was not religious either; the “Mother Mary” is referring to his MOTHER, whose name just happened to be MARY
    Yesterday??? You know that’s about a relationship with a girl, right?
    If there are any other Beatles songs on there that I missed… just assume NONE of them are worship songs!!

    And Clocks? What????

  114. God bless you for the great work done.

  115. Running on Faith by Eric Clapton, Slow Train Coming by Bob Dylan, Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, The Great Gig in the Sky by Pink Floyd, Sonata for Cello and Piano No. 1 by Yo-Yo Ma…I could go on and on…keep up the great work.

  116. guys we must choose the songs wisely.. i think almost all of the songs that are listed here is not really a christian song..

  117. be careful, it all depend on who we worship

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  120. Obasi Gentle vic.

    May the almighty God see u pple through & strnght u al in Js nm amn.

  121. entertained by this list but mostly struck by the appearance of Jesus Was A Crossmaker– are you familiar with Judee Sill, the composer of said song? Lovely, talented, manipulative, and dead these 33 years… if you don’t know her albums, do check her out. Here’s her recording of Jesus Was A Crossmaker from 1971 (actually got a little airplay): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqGjEGz8kwk

  122. It’s very straightforward to find out any topic on web as compared to books, as I found this piece of writing at this web page.

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  124. I didnt see “Shout to the Lord” near the top or even arguably White Xmas, and so I completely disagree with this list. Too many songs that just dot fall under the title “Worship.”

  125. The “broad” definition of worship is the very source of the incredibly great problem this list faces. If you are including songs that don’t make you think of God or Jesus, then who or what exactly are you worshipping. Are you worshipping the “true transcendent power of art” or perhaps your emotions. Praise and worship is all about God, not the magnification of the things that you believe sound pleasing. While there isn’t really much harm in the appreciation of music that suits your aesthetic desires, it is rather problematic if one cannot distinguish between the truth and desire. We are called to worship God in spirit and in truth, not art.

  126. Man, I think if I knew you in real life we would be friends. Songs like Clair de Lune are sometimes so much more worshipful than the repetitions of a million “I could sing of you love” forever.

  127. Hi, i think that i saw you visited my weblog so i
    came to “return the favor”.I’m trying to find things to improve my web site!I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!!

  128. lynette henderson

    i am 65yr of age and loved jesus since a very little sunday schooler.i love the very latest praise and worship today church use.but lately i seem to want to hear and be able to read the words of to my much loved worship songs from sunday school days.like onward christian soldiers ,praise Him,Yes Jesus loves md,when He cometh

  129. Found your list very intriguing… I was holding my breath for Ode to Joy, and was so relieved to see the whole glorious Ninth Symphony which is a celebration of Life…but no Bach.. St Mathew Passion… The Great Work” as Bach’s wife called it????
    Fascinated to see so many people getting het up about what is holy, or Christian or worshipful… I think one of the problems of spiritual life in the west has been to divide everything into sacred and profane, whereas I feel that all creativity comes from the Divine Source… and however it is expressed, it is still part of the sacred creativity of Life… I’m sure the Divine Source doesn’t sit in some huge recording studio sifting the sacred from the not so sacred… and that that Energy rejoices when some spirit stumbles on spiritual truth as in ‘ Imagine’…Living in the present moment being one of the great spiritual truths, like the lilies of the field taking no heed of the past or the future…

  130. You forgot the song gods will by Martina mccbride

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  133. i find your list very informative but you missed the worship part maybe you should listen to songs like to the river/days of elijah/ jesus messaih and 1000 more real worship songs that make your spirit reach out to god if you are interested i will send you a list that will open the eyes of your heart

  134. We stumbled over here by a different page and thought I
    should check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking into your web page for a second time.

  135. I don’t see “Imagine” anywhere on this list. What are people referring to? Plus: “hate the world”? WTF people?

  136. “Since art is a virtue of the intellect, it demands to communicate with the entire universe of the intellect. Hence it is that the normal climate of art is intelligence and knowledge: its normal soil, the civilized heritage of a consistent and integrated system of beliefs and values; its normal horizon , the infinity of human experience enlighted by the passionate insight of anguish or the intellectual virtues of a contemplative mind.”
    ― Jacques Maritain, Creative Intuition In Art And Poetry

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  139. The source of the disagreements seems to come from some people out there using the word “spiritual” extremely broadly, and others use it more traditionally. The “broad-minded” folks use it to mean any feeling, thought, or belief that isn’t about strictly concrete, mundane stuff. They reject any kind of true spirituality, which “frees” them to include define it however they want. For them, “worship” also has no borders or any kind of agreed-upon definition. They try so hard to be all-inclusive, that both words end up meaning whatever they want them to mean, rendering them meaningless.

    That’s how a nice song, or an interesting song, can be on the list, or even a song by an atheist asking us to essentially strive for a world without that pesky Christianity getting in the way (like Imagine). I suppose it’s a tribute to Lennon’s songwriting genius that people are talking about his song more than any other on the list, but a worship song? Come on! It comes closer to being an anti-worship song. We’re asked to forget religion and “live for today” and share with the world. Shades of Lenin. I’m just glad that Lenin wasn’t a musician. I’m just glad that people like Madelyn Murray O’Hare, Bill Maher or Robin Williams aren’t singers or they’d probably be on there, too.

  140. A gift Brett. For real. It’s just an MP3 file. My favorite version of Be Thou My Vision ever., if you’ve never heard it. I can’t disagree with that as #1 Rather fitting for an Irish lad I’d say.

  141. Does anyone know songs for black history month gotta learn some thank

  142. What I really like about your list is that it transcends boundaries that have for years created gods that serve our purposes. I can identify with your list in spite the fact that I have never heard most of the songs. I am Kenyan and a Christian. Our taste in music might be a little different. However, I choose to celebrate the beauty of this God we serve through different forms of music. After all, the earth and everything therein belong to him.

  143. It’s a shame that the consolidator didn’t include “The Rivers of Babylon”. I really like this one by Boney M.

  144. Thanks for this list of songs… and it is great,,, I found some songs site and it has reflection in every song… and it is so nice to read while listening the songs… it is the site… http://www.praisenworshipsongs.com/

  145. While I respect the attempt, the list is WAAAAYYY too broad.

    I myself am currently doing a 100 best worship songs of all time blog, and I focus on just modern contemporary worship music.


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