Christianity Today‘s Top Ten of 2007

So last week the film critics at Christianity Today unveiled their “Most Redeeming” list of 2007 movies (which, as you might recall, I wrote about at length). Today we published our “Critics’ Choice” picks (i.e. the overall best films of 2007), and the #1 film on the list is… Juno.

Can’t say that I totally agree with that pick… While I do think Juno has a place on our top ten, I don’t see how it is in any way superior to something like There Will Be Blood. Oh well. At least Zodiac (a film which I had a great time writing about last March when it came out) made it on our list (albeit at #9! … behind the inexplicably included Hairspray).

In any case, you can click here to see how I cast my votes.

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