Thoughts on the Golden Globes


Thanks to the Writer’s Strike, the Golden Globes ceremony was relegated to an excruciatingly boring one hour Globes “press conference” hosted by Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush and Nancy O’Dell. Though it was sometimes fun to watch Bush and O’Dell banter about unknown winners like Marion Cotillard and act surprised that Cate Blanchett won best supporting actress for I’m Not There, overall the “ceremony” was as unceremonious and insipid as an episode of Deal or No Deal.

In any case, here are some highlights and thoughts on the night’s winners:

Hooray for Mad Men!

Though Bush and O’Dell seemed shocked that a show from AMC would dare win, win it did! In two categories! Jon Hamm won best actor for television drama (very deservingly) and the show won best TV drama. This almost makes up for the fact that the Hollywood Foreign Press totally ignored Friday Night Lights.

Atonement and Sweeney Todd the best pictures?
The Globes have two best picture awards—for best drama and best comedy/musical. In my opinion, they got it wrong in both categories. Sure, Atonement is a good—maybe even great—period epic, but nowhere near as significant as No Country for Old Men or There Will be Blood (now that I think about it, perhaps those two films cancelled each other out). On the comedy/musical side, it’s really a shame that Juno didn’t win, because it’s such a wonderful little uplifting film (contrast that to the dour and dark bloodletting of Sweeney Todd… not that I disliked that movie). In any case, let’s hope that Oscar will get it right and crown There Will Be Blood best picture.

Brit Thespians sweep top acting awards
I’m so glad that Daniel Day Lewis and Julie Christie won best actor and actress in drama. They deserved it. D.D. Lewis is the Terrence Malick of actors (i.e. reclusive and AWESOME) and the iconic Julie Christie devastates in the little-seen Away From Her. Though American directors are having a good year, 2007 proves that our English allies still have a corner on the award-winning acting market. Sorry, Angelina Jolie…

Other highlights:

  • Tina Fey wins an acting Globe for 30 Rock! Her NY snark has always shone in her writing, but 30 Rock shows off her delicious comedic timing as an actor as well.
  • Extras wins best comedy series! I wonder how long it will be before this series follows The Office in creating an American version?
  • Eddie Vedder wins best original song! His beautiful soundtrack for Into the Wild deserves accolades, and the song “Guaranteed” perfectly captures the film’s mood. Here’s hoping this great movie picks up more nominations for the Oscars!

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