Let the Lists Begin!


As you know, I loooove lists… so if you thought I was going to limit myself to one “best of 2007” post on Dec. 31st and that’s it, you’d be mistaken! “Best of the Year” frenzy begins today on The Search, and will go through the end of the month (culminating with my top ten movies of 2007 on New Year’s Eve!)

So, to kick things, off, and because this category has no risk of missing any latecomer additions, today I’m listing my picks for the best television shows of 2007:

10) American Idol (Fox): What can I say? As trifling as it is, this show is the most compelling television for four months out of the year… I’m addicted.

9) The Hills (MTV): Am I joking? Sort of… But anyone who has seen this show must admit it has a definite “can’t turn away” quality. Plus, from a theoretical, “what is real?” point of view, the show is fascinating.

8) Project Runway (Bravo): Continues to be the most interesting, consistently quality reality series on television.

7) The Daily Show / Colbert Report (Comedy Central): Yes, these are two different shows, but the spirit is the same in both. It’s the Comedy Central “newsblock,” and it’s ridiculously fun to watch.

6) Rome (HBO): HBO’s Caesar series only had two seasons, but its great cast (a who’s who of British thespians) and classy period melodrama made for some really good, highbrow TV.

5) The Office (NBC): Gets better and better every season… the cast has nailed down the nuances and hilarious quirks of their characters, and the writing is consistently dead-on.

4) Lost (ABC): This show redeemed itself near the end of its third season, reminding us all why we got so addicted in the first place. Can’t wait for its January return!

3) 30 Rock (NBC): Miles above the majority of comedy on TV in terms of sharp, culturally astute humor. Tiny Fey, Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan lead the funniest ensemble cast since Arrested Development.

2) Mad Men (AMC): Who knew AMC was in the business of making amazing one-hour dramas? This 60s period piece (about Madison Avenue ad men, their whiskey and their women) was the best new series on TV this fall—with great acting, glossy eye candy, and sharp social commentary.

1) Friday Night Lights (NBC): I suppose it’s getting repetitive by now, but this show really is the best thing on TV. The acting, writing, production, and general “breath of fresh air” spirit of the whole thing is really unrivaled among network shows. Here’s hoping it’ll survive for a third season!

10 responses to “Let the Lists Begin!

  1. I’m curious to hear if you’ve put “The Next Great American Band” on your TV-to-watch list or if you have not bothered. While on the surface it looks like a rip-off of American Idol (the same people produce it), it has its own charm and interest as well as just being entertaining. My family has liked it better than AI, particularly as the number of bands has been pared down the last few weeks.

    My 9 year old watches with us, and he roots for the younger bands (like Light of Doom and Dot Dot Dot) while my wife and I like the more “mature” bands (Six Wire and Denver-MHO). My favorite is The Clark Brothers. They are phenomenal.

    [One of the aspects of the show I like the best is that the “loser” band does not get to perform. I’ve always disliked seeing the AI “loser” having to perform at the end of a show – there’s usually a reason they didn’t get enough votes to stay on.]

  2. Wow. I’m surprised you’ve got FNL listed as #1. It’s probably my personal favorite on tv, although I felt as though it sometimes suffers the symptoms of DCS (Dawson’s Creek Syndrome) from time to time. But it is still my fav to watch if I am free on a Friday night….which, truth be told, is most Friday nights!

  3. Ahh – “Pushing Daisies” needs, at the very LEAST, an honorable mention for fun and creative writing that doesn’t resort to crude humor and soap opera predictability.

  4. Hey, I came across your site through Relevant and to my surprise, we use the same layout for wordpress! Could you drop me an e-mail? I’d like some advice as to how you were able to format the layout the way you did. Thanks!

  5. i see a bit of hbo up there… do you not have sho?
    my personal fav this year has been “dexter” about the serial killer who only kills bad guys and who is a forensic blood spatter analyst for the miami police…
    admittedly, this season has been darker and less fun than season one… i still think it’s one of the best shows on tv.

  6. Yeah I don’t have showtime, which is why I’m excited for Dexter’s upcoming move to CBS.

  7. not sure how well it will translate… some of the best scenes are between dexter and his victims… but in primetime?

  8. network broadcast primetime, that is

  9. FNL was at the top for me last year….but the whole “murder” storyline kind of ruined it for me this year. It’s as if they are begging for viewers with outrageous stories.

    As for this year, by far the best show of the year is “The Big Bang Theory”. I’ve never laughed out loud so much at any show ever. Absolute genius.

  10. Hey Brett — It has been a few weeks since you posted these thoughts regarding TV in 2007, but I still would like to share my explanation of why NBC’s “Life” deserves more viewers. You can find it here: http://liturgical.wordpress.com/2007/12/20/nbcs-life/
    P.S. Send your poems to LiturgicalCredo.com!

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