The Search

I wonder how many web searches I’ve undertaken in my life. A million? Nowadays we live our lives through searches. Is there a question you need answered? A product you need to find? Simply type in a word or two into the Google searchbox and off you go. Pages and pages of potential answers are only a click away.But this instantaneous “searching” is not really what the search is all about. In fact, our technological capabilities to search and find anything and everything in just a few easy steps has quite possibly damaged the search as it exists in modern culture. Increasingly, we are losing our capacity to think critically, to mull over a question without ready access to its answer.

The Search goes deeper than the zeros and ones of Google-brand fact transaction, however. At its heart, the search is a way of being. It is a state of wonderment, curiosity, and awareness of something other. It requires the tension of the unknown and the unease of the unknowable. It inspires both deep and broad thinking, and a commitment to making connections where ideas, postulates, and observations allow.

The Search is also about finding connections with other people. Ironically, we are ever more isolated in our hyper-connected digital society. We yearn for the physical presence and emotional resonance of our fellow man, whose camaraderie we long for above all else. As George Steiner writes in Real Presences, “we are monads haunted by communion.”

The Search is about filling these absences, feeling the specter of otherness, finding communion and connection with others on the same journey. If this blog could be about anything, I would hope it would be about this. I’m not any farther on the journey than anyone else, but none of us are going to get anywhere without dialogue.

To be human is to long for understanding. We all want to “be onto something,” as Walker Percy writes of the search. To not be onto something is to be mired in despair; stuck in the mindless and mundane of the “one-click” universe of Google. Let’s be done with that. Let’s rediscover what we’re really looking for.

4 responses to “The Search

  1. One word. To keep it short. Peregrenatio. A companion to ‘Still Searching’. A concept. A way of journeying.

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  3. becauseofthecross


    First of all let me say this, you are implying that I am talking about sinless perfection which I AM NOT. We will not be perfect in this life but we (talking about true believers) are being sanctified.

    You said: “I will continue to sin throughout my life, turning away from his inestimable gift to fail in my flesh. Paul apparently felt the same way when he describes his struggles with his flesh in Romans 7:21-24”

    Verses CANNOT be taken out of context and then made to say what you want them to say. Paul is not saying that he is “turning away from his inestimable gift” as you put it but rather that his new nature is at war with the members of his body aka the sin that is still present. Read the verses before that passage starting in Romans 7:14 til the end of the chapter in verse 25. Paul is saying that he desires to obey God’s law and hates his sin.

    His desire to obey God is what I was talking about when I said “in that way it is irresistible because their enlightened hearts won’t desire the things of the world and such but God and His truth. ” The true believer, though still trapped in the flesh package of a body, will desire to obey God and honor him. Sinless perfection will never be attained in this life but the desire to follow God and his Word will be there.

    As for your question, the difference between something that is forced upon us and something that we are unable to resist. Your idea of irresistible seems like this idea of being forced or dragged kicking and screaming against it. As I already said, the enlightened heart will have new desires for God. It’s not forced but it is drawn to Him.

    You also said “though there are many, many times that the Lord could have forced people to obey/love Him/turn from sin but did not.” This my friend is sovereignty, Romans 9:15-16 God does as he chooses. He has the power to save every person in the world Christ but he sovereignly chooses not to. We can rest in the fact that he is in control. If salvation were up to us we would choose sin every time but in His mercy and grace He chooses to reconcile sinners to himself through Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:21

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